Covid-19 Restaurant Delivery Insurance

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Covid-19 Restaurant Delivery Insurance is Now Available

Sunstone Insurance Agency is working with insurance carriers to provide insurance for restaurants now delivering in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sunstone now has the ability to write restaurant delivery insurance on a six-month basis for low premiums.

To get started download, fill out, and email us this Food Delivery Insurance Application.

Many restaurant policies do not contain “hired and non-owned” auto coverage.  If you were not delivering before, and you did not seek it out, it is very possible that you do not have coverage.  Keep in mind, auto liability is specifically excluded under the standard commercial general liability policy.  We know you need to act quickly to keep your business running during this difficult time, but you also need to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Hired and non-owned auto coverage is auto liability coverage, often included in a package policy, which provides liability coverage for third party losses when employees are using their personal vehicle.  The name comes from the fact that it covers liability caused by autos that are not owned or that are hired by the business.  If the business doesn’t own any autos, they will not have a commercial auto policy.  Additionally, no personal auto policy will extend coverage to anything more than incidental business use.  While this coverage is often included in a package policy, it can also be written as monoline coverage.   Limits can be lower than, as high as, or a part of the general liability limits.

To get started download, fill out, and email us this Food Delivery Insurance Application.

Does my insurance cover food delivery?

Don’t count on food delivery coverage in any place other than a commercial auto policy or hired and non-owned auto.  Restaurant delivery will not be found in a personal auto policy, or a standard commercial general liability policy.  Depending on the application submitted when you initially purchased your commercial general liability policy for your restaurant, you may have indicated no delivery.  Coverage could be conditioned upon that statement, and excluded.

Sunstone is happy to be partnered with carriers that are willing to write hired and non-owned auto on a monoline basis.  This means it is a stand-alone hired and non-owned policy.  It can exist in addition to your current general liability policy.

Now, as we all scramble to exist in this new surreal reality, you may be looking to add hired and non-owned auto insurance for restaurant delivery.  We can add this to your current policy, and it is even being offered on a 6 month basis.  For the optimists out there, that is long enough to get you through the crisis.  Rather than pay a year of premium, you can pay for only what you need.

Call Sunstone Insurance today to discuss your restaurant delivery insurance needs, or complete the application here and submit to

To get started download, fill out, and email us this Food Delivery Insurance Application.

Maryam Ati
Maryam Ati
20:44 12 Jul 21
Tami Goode
Tami Goode
21:48 18 Feb 20
Rhett and Debbie are efficient, friendly, and informative! They have excellent customer service and a very quick turnaround.
Cindy Brummer
Cindy Brummer
23:36 17 Feb 20
Rhett, Debbie, and the team at Sunstone are my go-to. They make sure I have the right amount of coverage for my company and that I'm not overpaying. When I need documents or have questions, they are quick to respond and help me. For example, when I needed to increase cyber coverage last year, they did the research quickly, let me know my options, made a recommendation, and we were able to increase coverage. Even better bonus -- the increase wasn't as much as I had expected. Woo-hoo!
William Hines
William Hines
18:27 21 Sep 15
I highly recommend Rhett Braniff for you insurance and risk management needs.I have known Rhett for a long time, so I trusted him with my insurance. Insurance for my business is important to me, and I wanted to make sure I was properly covered. When my policies were coming up for renewal, I asked Rhett to review them. After looking them over, Rhett was able to identify some key areas of my coverage that needed attention. He presented me with several options that allowed me to get great coverage that fit our budget. I secure with my insurance, and I didn’t have to spend a lot to do it.Most of all, Rhett made it easy. He broke down the various coverage areas in easy to understand language, and was able to answer all of my questions. Rhett was sensitive to my time constraints, and didn’t unnecessarily burden me with the process.I recommend Rhett for all your personal or commercial insurance needs.

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