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You are an artist and you work hard.  Whether you have been developing your craft for many years, or you just started your new studio, Sunstone Insurance Agency is ready to help you secure liability insurance for your tattoo studio.  We respect your work, and we look forward to doing our part in ensuring the success of your business.  The world is a better place with a little ink in it.  We proudly count ourselves among the 45,000,0000 inked people in the United States.

What kind of insurance does a tattoo shop need?

Every tattoo studio should consider the following insurance coverages:

Like most situations, your particular business needs may vary from another tattoo shop’s insurance needs.  You may have state requirements, lease requirements, and there is always your personal risk tolerance and a tattoo shop owner.  No two tattoo studios are the same, so their insurance should be flexible, too.


At a minimum, you will need general liability insurance for your tattoo studio.  General liability insurance will provide coverage for personal injuries or property damage sustained by a customer while in your tattoo studio.  The most common claims made on a general liability policy for tattoo studios are slip-and-fall accidents. At Sunstone Insurance Agency, we recommend that any business that admits customers onto their place of business carry a robust general liability insurance policy.

We also recommend that tattoo studios carry professional liability insurance for tattoo artists.  Professional liability covers malpractice by the tattoo artist.  This can occur when an artist or piercer injures someone during the course of tattoo or piercing work, or does work that this is clearly substandard.

If you employ anyone in your tattoo studio, we recommend you get workers compensation insurance for tattoo studio employees.  Workers compensation insurance protects your business from claims made by employees who have suffered on the job injuries.  These claims are excluded on the general liability policy.

Optional Coverage for tattoo Studios

  • Every insurance policy for tattoo studios should include communicable disease insurance. It is usually very inexpensive and addresses a very real risk exposure
  • Tattoo convention coverage. The business lends itself to artists travelling and performing tattoo work in conventions across the country.  Make sure your tattoo studio liability insurance protects you even when you are away from the studio.
  • Sexual assault coverage. A reality of the business, but tattooing sometimes involves work in intimate areas.  Protect yourself from claims of abuse or molestation with this common coverage addition.
  • Apprentice or guest artist coverage. W2’s, independent contractors, guest artists or piercers, apprentices – Tattoo artists can take on many different employment labels.  Be sure your policy has the right tattoo artist insurance protection for your particular setup.

If you own your building you will need property insurance for the building itself.  Whether you rent or own, you will need property insurance for your furnishings, the improvements to the structure and your equipment.  At Sunstone Insurance Agency, we are happy to review your lease to help you place the correct coverage.

Your art is unique, your insurance should be, too.

At Sunstone Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their particular circumstances.  Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all business.  Contact Sunstone, your local, independent tattoo artist insurance agency, and realize the benefit of working with an agent that knows your business.

Protection from the best in the business, at an affordable premium

At Sunstone Insurance Agency, we place your business with quality A-rated carriers.  Affordable tattoo studio liability insurance doesn’t have to mean low quality carriers.  We work with insurance companies offering minimum premiums of $500.  Premium financing is available to put your tattoo studio insurance policy on a monthly payment plan.

Maryam Ati
Maryam Ati
20:44 12 Jul 21
Tami Goode
Tami Goode
21:48 18 Feb 20
Rhett and Debbie are efficient, friendly, and informative! They have excellent customer service and a very quick turnaround.
Cindy Brummer
Cindy Brummer
23:36 17 Feb 20
Rhett, Debbie, and the team at Sunstone are my go-to. They make sure I have the right amount of coverage for my company and that I'm not overpaying. When I need documents or have questions, they are quick to respond and help me. For example, when I needed to increase cyber coverage last year, they did the research quickly, let me know my options, made a recommendation, and we were able to increase coverage. Even better bonus -- the increase wasn't as much as I had expected. Woo-hoo!
William Hines
William Hines
18:27 21 Sep 15
I highly recommend Rhett Braniff for you insurance and risk management needs.I have known Rhett for a long time, so I trusted him with my insurance. Insurance for my business is important to me, and I wanted to make sure I was properly covered. When my policies were coming up for renewal, I asked Rhett to review them. After looking them over, Rhett was able to identify some key areas of my coverage that needed attention. He presented me with several options that allowed me to get great coverage that fit our budget. I secure with my insurance, and I didn’t have to spend a lot to do it.Most of all, Rhett made it easy. He broke down the various coverage areas in easy to understand language, and was able to answer all of my questions. Rhett was sensitive to my time constraints, and didn’t unnecessarily burden me with the process.I recommend Rhett for all your personal or commercial insurance needs.

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